I don't know about you but I am sick of talking about tax increases. Absolutely SICK. OF. IT.

It has just come to our attention that a gas tax price increase may be in our future this Fall so fill up while you can.

According to APP.com, the gas price all depends on how much money the tax is bringing in and an increase may be the only option if, "fuel consumption does not 'substantially increase' in the next few months." 

So what is the amount we need to reach? $2 billion dollars per year but the good news is that all of this money goes towards road repairs and projects.

Shout out to Monica from Brick who sent us the link to this article from September of 2018 that if put into action, the gas tax would climb 4.3 cents per gallon to 41.4 centers per gallon -- 10x the original price from 2016?! Murphy, do we need to have that whole "money doesn't grow on trees" talk?

Well he is aware and Murphy actually explained his frustration after noticing that public transportation funding has been tossed to the side as an issue that would be addressed down the road and now he is forced to pick up the pieces.

“You never like raising any tax but this is the formula, and if we're going to keep the funding at the level that we need to keep it at to fund the projects in the transportation trust fund, then we have no choice.” Murphy said. “It was allowed to go virtually bankrupt. I said we're going to have to take some medicine here and raise the gas tax to [continue this level of] fund[ing].”


Keep your fingers crossed and maybe fill up on gas whenever you can because otherwise, it is going to cost everyone.

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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