A small-business owner in Asbury Park is reaching out to show some love to all of those risking their lives to work on the front lines during this pandemic.

Asbury Strong tshirt Liz

"Operation Hey Buddy" is the brainchild of the beloved owner of the bakery Confections of a Rock$tar on Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park. Kimmee Masi has a heart as big as they come.

After helping to feed delicious treats to several hospital staffs, Kimmee Masi hopes to show our community's appreciation of all who are working behind the registers at our supermarkets all so that we can continue to feed our families. These are more of our unsung heroes.

These supermarket employees are on their feet all day in stores that need them to come to work now more than ever. They are risking their health, dealing with shoppers who are sometimes less than kind, sometimes having to deliver the bad news that 'you can't buy two packages of TP', etc., and then dealing with irate people who are complaining that the person behind them in line isn't six feet back and throwing fits of every kind. They deal with the sneezers, the coughers, the yellers, and yet they continue to work a  sometimes-thankless job.

So Kimmee is baking for them. She is putting together packages of brownies and cookies to thank them and delivering them to the supermarkets. How is she doing this? By selling these really cool t-shirts reminding all of us that the Asbury Park community is one that has love for all and recognizes them in times of crisis.

Asbury Strong tshirt Liz

When you buy your "Greetings from Asbury Strong" T-shirt, you are not only recognizing the strength of the Asbury community during tough times, but you are helping to bring a lot of love to frontline workers of all kinds and also help support Asbury Park Dinner Table and, of course, fund "Operation Hey Buddy" so that Kimi can continue to feed the unsung heroes.

Kimmee, we love you and can't wait for the day that your amazing business can reopen for us all to come by for a sweet treat. In the meantime, Kimmee has just announced that Confections of a Rock$tar will not only continue selling fundraising T-Shirts, but that you can now order those popular and most-delicious chocolate chip cookies and brownies of hers and have them delivered to you! (No curbside pickup, though, since the parking is too difficult in Asbury Park these days.)

So let's all show our love for all that Kimmee continues to give back to our community, and,  hey, can we get this woman a TV show??? Seriously, I never met someone with such a contagious personality! She is one-of-a-kind! Where are you, Food Network?!!! You are missing out!

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