We are pretty lucky to be able to give prizes away on the radio, but this is by far our best giveaway yet.

We had reached a place where we wanted to do more than just give away concert tickets (as fun as that is). We wanted to give more. We thought about all the people we know who have struggled with infertility and wondered, what if we could give someone a Gift of Family?

Thankfully, we are able to partner with Reproductive Medicine Associates, or RMA New Jersey, to offer one lucky family the fertility treatments that very well could help them start their family — and we're so excited to introduce them to you as they start this exciting new phase of their lives.

Of course, the first step was to let Megan and Adam know they were selected from hundreds of contestants. We surprised them on air, and upon hearing the news, Megan burst into tears. She and Adam had already experienced one pregnancy loss and were taking a mental break before trying again.

Silence During the Ultrasound

Megan has always wanted to be a mother and feels in her heart it's meant to be, but she has an ovulation disorder, so she knew she wouldn't get pregnant without medical assistance. She and Adam decided to postpone their July 2021 wedding because of COVID-19 but started fertility treatments that year anyway.

Their insurance covers six rounds of IUI (insemination) and as luck would have it, she got pregnant with their last round in April 2022.

"I was so excited to tell my husband we were finally going to be parents and I better try on my wedding dress ASAP," Megan said. "I went in for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks with my doctor and I fell in love with my little bean as soon as I saw it."

They went to the 9-week ultrasound excited to see the baby look more like a baby, but the staff got really quiet as the scan continued. The baby girl measured the typical size of a 9-week baby but had no heartbeat.

Adam and Megan were crushed and they later learned the baby had Turner syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that would have made the embryo ineligible to be transferred to the womb if the couple had been doing IVF, completed with genetic testing, instead.

"Our next steps are IVF so we will not have to go through any type of genetic situations," Megan told us in her giveaway application essay. "My heart hurts, and I can’t imagine how much moving forward is going to cost. I'm nervous, and I’m scared. My body alone has really been through it in just a year."

Megan and Adam had their wedding in September! Photos provided
Megan and Adam had their wedding in September! Photos provided

Another Chance at a Dream Come True

Now, Megan and Adam can move forward with IVF without that financial stress hanging over their heads. This month, instead of welcoming their baby girl, they're starting a new process, but they have loved working with RMA New Jersey.

"I’ve never experienced such attentive care like this before," Megan said. "As soon as I feel like maybe I’m a little lost, I have a nurse or someone calling me from RMA reassuring me of what I’m doing in any steps or any medications I need to take. They have it all so organized, nothing gets lost and I’m in complete understanding of what I’m doing."

She'll go in for baseline testing to make sure her uterine lining is ready and then she'll start the process of retrieving the eggs. Of course, we'll be checking in with her to see how the process is going, but rest assured, we're rooting for her and we know so many of our listeners are, too!

If you or a loved one has watched the calendar for longer than 6-12 months, but you’re still not getting pregnant, RMA New Jersey can help; just visit rmanetwork.com or 973-656-2089. Their website is rich with educational resources, details on what to expect during your first visit, and more.

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