My Christmas shopping is finished (Yay!) but lots of people haven't even gotten started yet.

Holiday shopping should be enjoyable, but often winds up being stressful because of difficult to shop for types. Hopefully this will help.

My dad is the king of the 'impossible to shop for giftee.' He doesn't like anything the typical dad likes...he's not into sports (no team tickets/golf gear), he wears a uniform for work (no ties or clothes), he doesn't like to go out (no restaurant gift certificates), no favorite TV shows (dvds are out...) and anything he does like or want, he buys for himself.

So what do I normally do? Scratch off lottery tickets or Home Depot gift cards. Lame.

This year, thank the lord, he gave Mama C a 'wish list' of man-toys (tools) that he wanted. Good. Collective present from all of us. Merry Christmas, pops.

I think it's time to get creative. I think I might start secretly breaking people's stuff and then I'll just buy them the replacement for Christmas. (Don't judge me, you know you've considered it.)

In all seriousness though, everyone likes SOMETHING. Even if it's something small, make it work. Think of a hobby, a favorite food, or a joke. Sometimes gag gifts can be the most memorable.

And I know, gift cards are considered 'lazy' presents, but you know what, it's a recession, and I, for one, don't need any more stuff. I want someone to pay my bills. I don't think they sell sugar daddies, so a Visa gift card sounds pretty good to me.

Shopping for a woman? Go shiny. Most women love jewelry. It doesn't have to be expensive...I wear two $10 rings every single day, and my costume necklace gets compliments all the time.

Spa treatments, concert/show tickets, and bottles of wine are all unisex gift ideas that can go to people of just about any (legal) age.

Don't be afraid to ask people if they have anything in mind they want for the holidays either...sometimes people are shy about just offering up a wish list, lest they sound like THIS girl: 21-Year-Old Gives Family Ridiculous Christmas Wish List.

But trust me, when in doubt, go with the scratch-off lottery tickets. Works every time.

Who's the hardest person on your list to shop for? Tell us below!

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