If you like the idea of camping, but the thought of sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag in a tent is a little too much to handle, this is the perfect solution.

If you want to enjoy the fresh air and spend time in nature, but want it to be a little more glamorous than camping how about glamping?

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Glamping is a blend of "glamourous" and "camping," defined as a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping, according to Wikipedia.

I went glamping with my family in Utah last summer and was so excited to hear there are places you can go right here in New Jersey.

We stayed in a wagon just outside of Zion National Park. It was absolutely beautiful.

The wagon was big enough for 2 bunk beds, a king-size bed, and Wi-Fi!!

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NJ Monthly had an article about places in New Jersey you can go glamping and I'm excited to go again, but this time in New Jersey.

Check out all the cool places you can go!

Glamping in New Jersey

Moon Valley Campground in Vernon

Six Flags Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa in Jackson

Sun Outdoors in Cape May

Sea Pirate Campground in West Creek

Tip Tam Camping Resort in Jackson

Have fun planning your glamping adventure. They all look so fun, but how cool would it be to spend the night within the safari at Great Adventure?! Wow. That's pretty amazing.

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Check Out This Campsite You Can Rent On The Delaware River

Normally when you go camping it is stressful just thinking about where you are going to go if you have to go to a bathroom but at Tentrr Signature Site the small camping location offers a bathroom as well. This is pretty much glamping because not only do you get a bathroom but you also get to sleep on an actual bed.

Another cool thing is that if you were to stay at the Tentrr Signature Site you will get a nice view when you wake up and have private access to the Delaware River.

If you want to do some fun stuff on the Delaware River the Airbnb offers "two kayaks on site for your use in the river, as well as tubes."

Take a look for yourself and perhaps we found your new staycation.

Gallery Credit: EeE

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