For decades, this gym has been keeping residents lean and fit. Sadly, due to COVID restrictions, this fitness giant will be closing its doors.

Gold's Gym on Route 9 in Howell has almost become a landmark over the last 32 years. While I knew gyms were struggling in the midst of the pandemic, I was shocked to learn that Gold's would be shutting down for good on March 25.

Governor Murphy started shutdowns on March 16. I know, I can't believe it's been a year already. Remember that during the height of the COVID shutdowns, many establishments like restaurants for example were at least allowed to operate with outdoor dining. It wasn't optimal, but it was something.

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Gyms are still only allowed to operate at 25% capacity and that only started on September 1. By that time many had found alternate ways of working out whether it be outside or with a home gym setup.

My brother is a gym fanatic and actually goes to the Gold's Gym in Toms River. I asked him whether he has any concern working out at a gym while COVID is still very much a problem. He told me that breaking a sweat with a mask on is a pain, but you get used to it. He also said something very interesting. My brother said working out at a gym is probably more sanitary than it's ever been with more frequent wipedowns and deeper cleanings. He also added that he's never seen anyone not wearing their mask.

Unfortunately, Gold's Gym of Howell just couldn't make it. It's sad because owner Mark Steinfield and his staff members have been such community leaders since the gym opened for the first time in 1989.

In a conversation with the Asbury Park Press, Steinfeld told APP that current members of Gold's Gym of Howell have been given notice so over the next month they can find other gyms and say their goodbyes. Equipment from the gym will be auctioned off in April.

If you're a member of Gold's Gym and are looking for a new home. Here are some area options.

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