Thank God for good people. Let's be honest, right about now we are not seeing the best of humankind. COVID has sparked a negative mindset that many of us are still struggling to dig ourselves out of.  It is true that there is a beacon of light in almost every tragic story and this one is no different.   Some good Samaritans saw a domestic dispute taking a near-fatal turn and instead of steering clear,  they got in harm’s way to save a young woman without a moment's hesitation.

Last night a woman was being stabbed by her boyfriend on North Bay Avenue.  As a result, she needed immediate surgery to survive.

The reports say she was driving along North Bay Avenue about 4:45 p.m. when she started being stabbed by the passenger in the car.  She had the presence of mind to pull over right near Whitty Road and then she ran out of the car. At this point, he was still attacking her.

Good Samaritans saw this happening, pulled over and tackled, and held the man down until police arrived.

Of course, the man was charged with first-degree attempted homicide among other charges. You can read more here.

Had no one intervened, she would not have even had a chance.  She was taken by ambulance to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune and there is currently no word on her condition.

An investigation is still underway but one thing is for sure, courageous people like those who inserted themselves into harm’s way to save someone else, give us hope that there are many more good people out there than bad. Thank you to all the unnamed heroes who stopped that attack and loved someone you never even met.

You can read more details from the original story from The Patch here.

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