You know those paper straws that Jersey Shore businesses are starting to use?

Yes, they are very practical because they help our environment but it personally drives me NUTS when the paper straw falls apart after enjoying only a few sips of my cocktail.

Now there is a better, environmentally-friendly option!

Introducing GrassStraw-Official, a Jersey Shore company based out of Ortley Beach that is making...yes you guessed it.... Grass Straws!


Grass Straws are obviously safer than plastic straws -- because, well, basically everything is -- and they are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

It will be so nice to enjoy my drink without seeing pieces of paper straw floating at the top or having the taste of paper left in my mouth.

Plus, doesn't using grass make more sense than using paper?

GrassStraws can ship their products worldwide and most of their sales are currently happening online.

They offer 100, 8-inch straws for just $11.99. You can also purchase 5-inch straws, 8-inch straws or 10-inch straws when you buy in bulk.  They also offer Wholesale Pricing.

For additional information, reach out to Bob Farrell at


Click HERE to go to their website and sign up for their emailing list so you can receive different offers and promotions. They offer a new deal every single week so don't miss out. (For example, if you use the promo code, "GRASSSTRAWS" when you place your order, you will receive $2 off each box until March 8, 2020)

You can also get daily updates when you visit their Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.

      GrassStraw-Official Helping Save The Earth, One Drink At A Time.
Support a local, Jersey Shore company, help the environment and enjoy your drink all at the same time! How perfect is that.
Cannot wait to try these.
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