Channing Tatum, is that you?

A stripper alleges he resembles the 42-year-old actor so much, women yell out the Magic Mike star's name during sex with him.

In a video that has racked up over 1.2 million views, Will Parfitt took to TikTok claiming a woman recently yelled out Channing's name during intercourse.

"Last night we were shagging and I heard you say, 'Oh Channing,' when you know my name is Will," the exotic dancer — who performs with a Magic Mike-inspired dance troupe — captioned the viral clip.

Watch the video here:

Users flooded his comment section, lusting over the 31-year-old stripper.

"Sorry but you’re so much more attractive than Channing… and I love Channing… lol," one person wrote, while another commented: "Channing got nothing on you. Team Will all the way"

"I prefer you Will, and I used to be obsessed with Channing," a third commented, while a fourth was flabbergasted: "What? I was sure you were Channing."

Parfitt and his celebrity doppelgänger share more than just looks, though. Their respective real life stories resemble each other, too.

Both men began stripping before being spotted by club promoters while on the job.

Parfitt told the Daily Mail Australia he sometimes earns up to $3,000 in a single weekend dancing.

The stripper spilled he often dresses up in different outfits to fulfill women's fantasies. "The girls get to choose what we wear," he explained. "They can have a policeman, fireman or a Magic Mike show. I have been a soccer player and a karate instructor, but it’s up to them really."

As far as how interactive the show's are, he told the outlet, "They [the shows] start off pretty tame but the later the night goes on, the crazier things seem to get and it can be pretty hard to control a roomful of women. And the later it gets the more 'hands-on' they [women] get too."

Watch one of his dance routines here:

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