Whether you're looking for a trendy new hairstyle or just getting a trim, the cost of a haircut depends on where you live.

Getting a haircut in some areas of New Jersey will cost you more than others, but how much more or less are we paying in New Jersey compared to other parts of the country?

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You Probably Need a Haircut surveyed salons in cities across the United States to find the average prices for men's and women’s haircuts.

Chain salons are going to be less expensive compared to high-end salons and in many salons, a haircut by a senior stylist is a little more costly compared to a junior stylist.

It's based on the level of education and experience.

The Nationwide Average Price Range for a Haircut

The study found the average price range for a haircut is $56.

Women’s cuts are more expensive at around $69 and men’s are about $43 on average.

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The cost of a haircut also depends on where you go and where you live in New Jersey.

The survey focused on the most populated city in each state to get a haircut, including Newark, New Jersey.

The Average Price for a Haircut in Newark, New Jersey

Newark salons charge men about $26 for haircuts, while women’s haircuts are closer to $50.

So the average price for a haircut in Newark is about $38.

There are definitely salons in New Jersey where you're paying a lot more.

In New York City you're paying the most for a haircut.

Men’s cuts in NYC are usually around $124 and women’s haircuts average around $171.

The overall average is $147.2

How much do you pay for a haircut in New Jersey?

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