How does one recover after being publicly called out by the one and only Harry Styles?

When a fan in the crowd at his Manchester, U.K., concert held up a sign revealing she had just been dumped by her boyfriend in a text, it caught Styles' eye.

The show was night two in Manchester (June 16) of Styles' Love On Tour, and took place at Emirates Old Trafford, where the stands were packed with fans.

In a viral TikTok posted by @coastalcherryco, Styles can be seen noticing the sign and incredulously asking, "Over text?" to which the crowd collectively coos, "Awww..."

"Ugh," Styles continues, "What is wrong with people?"

After learning the ex-boyfriend's name, he grins and exclaims, "Come off it, Henry!"

"Okay, where does Henry live?" Styles asks, his hand on his hip.

The fan answers "America," but that isn't good enough for Styles, who presses, "Where is he in America right now?"

When he gets his answer — North Carolina — he continues: "I think if we tell Henry to 'Come off it, Henry,' loud enough from Manchester, he might be able to hear us."

"On three, 'Come off it, Henry," Styles says as the crowd rallies him. "One, two, three!"

"Bloody come off it, Henry!" Styles jokes to a chorus of laughter following the chant.

But it doesn't stop there.

Styles asks the fan, "Alright, how long were you together?" to which the girl replies, "Five months."

"Five months, okay," Styles repeats. "Hey, that's real! Was he nice?" he asks, pointing to the girl's group of friends. "Okay, we don't like Henry."

"Well, I'm sorry. Manchester says sorry, don't we? You say, 'Aw, sorry.' Boo, Henry!" he adds, flashing a thumbs down before lamenting, "I can't believe these days. People still have the audacity! Over text! It's a joke!"

Over more laughter, Styles shouts, "Tell him! Tell him I told him, 'You're not 6!'"

Watch the antics below:

Harry Styles is most definitely known for his cheeky banter during live shows, and clearly, Manchester was no exception.

Hopefully, Henry learned his lesson!

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