Harry Styles of One Direction and Kendall Jenner were spotted leaving a New York City hotel together. PR stunt or not, they're still on!

The Latin Post reports that the couple dined together for lunch recently, sharing two dishes and that Hazza seemed pretty into the "Satellite Kardashian." "They leaned in to talk to each other," a spy said. "[Harry Styles] was really animated with Kendall. They definitely plan to hang out more."

And they have been, angry Directioners be damned.

Jenner and Styles were spotted leaving the Gansevoort Hotel together for breakfast this morning (Dec. 7). Styles had his hair back in a bandanna, keeping the Big Apple cold away with a peacoat. Jenner, likely more used to the heat of Los Angeles and Miami, wore jeans, a white belly shirt and a green jacket. She seemed alarmed by the mob of fans waiting for the boy bander, whose security detail escorted him out. See the pics here -- whether you like them or not!