It wasn't long ago that none of us had cell phones. I remember when I first got one...I was almost 15, and my brother was about to get his driver's I used that to convince my mom that we should both have one. You know, for safety. More than 10(!!) years later, and I can't remember what life was like before I had this electronic crutch.

I remember the early cell phones...they were the size of a computer keyboard, and weighed about as much as a brick.

They didn't have maps, GPS, internet, games, or texts.

My first phone was the same Nokia that everyone had in could change the faceplate to make it any color you wanted! It was the coolest thing EVER. And it had this game called "Snake"...a little black pixelated snake chased other pixels around the tiny little screen. (I was AWESOME at that game.)

It was in February 2002, when I was home from school with a knee injury that I discovered texting. (It was in March 2002 that my mother discovered the phone bill...who knew texts costs 10 cents apiece?!?)

Fast forward a bit and I've gone through several phone...I've had a Blackberry, a Droid, and today? Santa came early...and brought me an iPhone 4S.

Have I seemed distracted today? It's probably because I've been trying to sync up my 4 e-mail address, Facebook and Twitter accounts to my phone...and of course downloading Angry Birds, Words With Friends, and about 10 other apps...and I haven't even gone home to sync with iTunes and get my music on it yet.

This tiny little thing...has become such a crucial part of my life. How many times have you left the house, forgetting your phone? You feel lost for the day! Someone could be texting you, tweeting you, calling you (people still call sometimes!!) What if you need to look something up?? Check your schedule! What if something happens and you can't update Facebook??

Here's what I've realized...before I had a phone? I used to read. A lot. If I wanted to tell a friend something, I had to call their house and actually tell them. (I actually had to speak to their parents first to find out if they could come to the phone...the HORROR!!) If someone took a bad picture of me...I asked them for it, and then ripped it up, and never had to worry about it again. And if something embarrassing happened...I had time to do some damage control before the whole world seemed to know about it.

Now? I feel like I barely have time to BREATHE. I have e-mails to check, blogs to write, tweets to read, texts to send, and don't even get me started on Facebook...I LOVE that I have access to everything I need in the palm of my hand...but when you think about it all, it's exhausting!

Sometimes I long for those simpler days...but the truth is, those days are gone. Give it time, I'm sure someone will develop an app to bring them back!

Are you addicted to technology?