Our amazingly talented artist friends Bette & Eddie stopped by to tell us about their latest sandcastle attempt, and they needs volunteers to help build it!

(Bette working on the sandcastle on the left gives you an idea of the scope of these projects! Photo courtesy of Ed Jarrett)

For years Ed Jarrett has been sculpting everything from ice sculptures to sandcastles while setting records and garnering awards.

But the fun part is when he and his partner Bette enlist the help of a 'bucket brigade' as an opportunity for you and your kids and friends to get involved!

Bette and Eddie are artists-in-residence at Laurita Winery and their goal is to capture a new Guinness World Record.

So starting this weekend, you and your family, or girlfriends, or co-workers, or church group, or Girl Scout group (etc. etc.) can help build this record-breaking, hand-sculpted sandcastle by becoming part of Eddie and Bette's Bucket Brigade. And, if you volunteer often enough, those hours will count toward a donation toward your charity of choice!

(photos from one of Ed's beach builds, courtesy of Ed Jarrett)

Bette and Eddie have been creating art together for many years, producing some incredible pieces that have been showcased on the world stage.

The sandcastles alone have been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Weather Channel, BBC Radio, USA Today, LA Times, and even Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Recently their sandcastle building technique was rated on the Discovery Channel show Outrageous Acts of Science: Brain Vs. Brawn.

Bette and Eddie are opening an art gallery in conjunction with their upcoming Guinness World Record attempt at Laurita. The gallery will feature their wood sculpture, paintings, authentic grapevine design furniture, and much more.

And, for a little tease into the future, Eddie and Bette hope to work on their winter ice sculptures again, so that's some more great fun to look forward to!

(The new shelter designed to protect the building of the sandcastle from the elements, photo courtesy of Ed Jarrett)

Bette and Eddie combined have made 7 attempts and achieved 4 Guinness World records for the tallest sandcastle. Collectively, they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various non-profit charities. All of the records were created following very strict rules that only allowed constructionn to be done by hand.

However, shortly following the last record created on the Jersey Shore in the sand of Point Pleasant Beach (at Jenkinson's) in October of 2013 to raise funds for those affected by Superstorm Sandy, Guinness changed the rules to allow for the use of machines.

Since then the record has been broken several times with machine-assistance all over the world.

But firmly backing the integrity of the original hand-only rules from Guinness, Castle Laurita "Hand vs. Machine" is now on track. Well over 3-million pounds of sand will have to be hand-packed in order to beat the current record of 54 feet that was recently set with machine assistance.

Bette & Eddie will be seeking several thousand volunteers. This is an incredible team building experience for your church group, employee/work groups,  families, non-profit groups, friends, or just come out on your own without a group if you prefer.

To sign up to volunteer to help pack these buckets of sand and be part of the record when the sandcastle is finished, and to learn about how you can also apply the hours you volunteer towards raising funds for the charity of your choice, call or email Heather:



And check back for photos of the progress, or just head over to Laurita Winery to see it going up in person! If you haven't been to Laurita yet, it's a great place to enjoy food trucks, music, wine, and let your kids run around and play!