Over the past couple weeks, we've been asking you to watch our special Kelly Clarkson song title video to identify all of the titles for a chance to fly to Los Angeles to see Kelly on The Voice stage.

Congratulations to Rachel from Toms River, who was one of the many who correctly identified all 16 Kelly Clarkson song titles in the video below and was randomly selected as our winner!

Here are the song titles in order:

1. Don't Waste Your Time
2. Breakaway
3. Maybe
4. Walk Away
5. A Moment Like This
6. Hello
7. Hear Me
8. Gone
9. Impossible
10. Be Still
11. Honestly
12. Einstein
13. Piece by Piece
14. Let Me Down
15. Don't Rush
16. Anytime

Thanks to everyone who played along! Keep checking back for more exciting ways to see and meet your favorite Point artists. In the meantime, let's get you some major cash!


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