Meet Daniel Golembiewski. He's 11-years old, born and raised in Brick. And here's why he wants you to go fishing with him.

(Photo of Daniel courtesy of his mom, Stacey Golembiewski)
(Photo of Daniel courtesy of his mom, Stacey Golembiewski)

Daniel has always had the kindest heart, says his mom Stacey. He has always gravitated to those in need and has helped people when they struggled, holding doors open for strangers and the like.

As Safety Patrol at elementary school, Daniel earned the Kindness Award. Stacey remembers her son buying lunch for kids that didn't have enough food even when he was younger.

Now Daniel is an athlete that loves to support his teammates. He's that kid who will cheer you on when you're feeling low and sees no differences when it comes to ability or talent. Everyone gets treated kindly by young Daniel. If someone looks hurt, he is the first one to offer a high-five.

Daniel has always loved to fish. He calls it his escape from stress. One day Daniel and his mom were out fishing at his favorite pond and that's when this idea came to him:

By that evening, Daniel said, "Mom, I want to do a fishing fundraiser for Cancer." He went on to tell his mom that he wants to get all of his friends to fish and raise money for a good cause. And he came up with "Cast for Cancer."

Here's how Cast for Cancer will work: For every fish caught, money will be raised. Daniel even wants to use pink line, bait and bobbers, and wants everyone to wear a pink shirt.

Even if you don't fish, Daniel says it's easy enough to learn, and everyone should fish for this cause.

When asked why he wants to donate to cancer, Daniel says: because it's the worst word in the world and too many people suffer from it.

In his 11 years on this earth, Daniel has heard the word 'cancer' way too often. His grandfather died from it, his grandmother has battled lymphoma, and Daniels' family has had too many close friends lose the battle.  Stacey never hid the truth from him, and Daniel has seen children and adults alike suffer from this disease.  His mom says it really affects him and she is sure he's had moments when he's scared for himself and his family, and would do anything to find a cure.

Cast for Cancer is really taking off. The event has already raised over $4,000 for the American Cancer Society. He has at least 60 friends participating in the event coming up on Sunday, Oct. 6th from 11 am - 5:30 pm (come all day or when you can.) The competition for ages 14 and under runs from 1 pm - 4 pm with the winner being announced at 5 pm.

Stacey says the community outreach and support has been amazing and Casting for Cancer has brought friends and strangers together. Daniel has inspired his friends to raise money and, in the process, has uplifted so many.

So here's how it works: Sponsors pay $2 for every fish caught. If a kid catches 10 fish, $20 is given directly to the American Cancer Society. Cast for Cancer takes place at the pond in the Molder's Fishing Preserve, 318 John Wall Road in Monroe Township.  There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for the most fish caught.

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To register, email

Once you register, the pledge/sponsorship page will be shared with you.

$15 registration fee per child and children must look for sponsors in order to participate. The event includes unlimited fishing from 11 am - 5:30 pm, a t-shirt, pink bobber, pink bait, food and drinks, and raffled prizes to everyone who is entered.  There is a $5 food fee for adults, and if adults want to fish they will be charged $5 from the pond.

Daniel, you are an inspiration to us all!



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