We had this conversation in 2018, and now it is time to bring up the topic again.

Please STOP riding the horse carriages you see along the streets no matter where you are.

It is no secret that I am a HUGE animal supporter and attractions such as these are anything but animal friendly.

Last year, this was a hot topic because headlines such as this: Another NYC Horse Collapsed From Exhaustion went viral.

**A witness actually caught video of the driver and a few others trying to pull and drag the horse back on its feet for several minutes and I'm not going to lie, this footage can be a bit disturbing. But THAT is how bad things have gotten.**

And even more disturbing, carriage horses collapsing due to exhaustion is far too common in the industry.

According to the post, "horses are dangerously worked during snowstorms, torrential rain, heatwaves, and just last month two horses dropped dead of colic in their tiny stables."

Please keep in mind that just because a topic is not making headlines does not mean it is not an important topic to remain aware of.

There are organizations looking to get laws passed so that current conditions will improve for carriage horses, or they can just get the activity banned overall.

But this goes one step further -- this is far from the first incident that has prompted organizations to step in and try and get legislation reforms passed by the city council to improve current conditions for carriage horses.

The Facebook Page known as Stopping NYC Horse Abuse is a good place to look because they will educate you certain instances that show just how bad it is for the horses.

Yes, the conditions have proven to be the worst in New York City because of the overwhelming environment and pollution, but horse carriages are a much more common entity around the holidays -- so no, it is not just bad in NYC.

So please -- DON'T RIDE HORSE CARRIAGES! Not at least until some legal help is given so that these horses are given MUCH better treatment.

Now, by no means am I saying that ALL horses are mistreated but if there are multiple organizations gaining a following for a change, then something that shouldn't be happening clearly is.

And maybe the answer is looking for an alternative!

What if we still have carriages that run on electricity and therefore do not need horse labor  to function. The romantic business still survives and these living creatures get to live a much better life.

If you are looking to get involved, the Stopping NYC Horse Abuse is hosting a few protests coming up that I think we should ALL attend if we can.

You can also click HERE and sign up for their emailing list just like I did to stay involved!

Another common website that popped up while doing my research is PETA.org.

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