Tax season is here, and by this point you should have all the forms you need to file now what?

cabania, ThinkStock

There's tons of commercials for different tax preparation companies (I'd love to get a billion back, BELIEVE ME), then there are local tax professionals and CPAs, and of course the option to use software or web-based programs to file yourself.

Depending on your particular situation, it might be best to use a professional to make sure you're doing it all right and getting all the money back that you deserve.

Last year I did my own taxes, using a software program, and as far as I know it all worked out. I haven't decided if I'm going to do that again this year, mostly because of recent concerns about security issues. My situation is pretty simple though, so filing is easy for me.

When you add in complications like dependents, or owning a business, or other issues, you may need some help.

Obviously we all want to maximize our refunds (or minimize what we owe), so is it worth it to pay someone else to help you file?

Here's hoping we all get a nice big check!