The survey says.....not nearly enough. Read on to see how you rank among these results.

In honor of Mother's Day, Engage:Moms asked over 1,000 moms for their thoughts on taking a night off:

-- 82% of moms believe they deserve a night off. However, the greatest challenges are money and finding childcare.

-- When mothers do take a night off,they worry most about their spouse not putting the kids to bed on time. Some even report a fear of Dad falling asleep on the couch and not helping the kids at all.

-- The majority report having a night out with friends only twice a year, while their spouse or significant other averages one night a month!

-- Over half of moms would choose dinner and drinks with their girlfriends at their favorite restaurant for a night off...followed by going to a chick flick.

-- 39% would be willing to give up their favorite snack for one year in order to have a night out with friends once a week. Another 28 percent would give up tv!

-- 29 percent of mothers feel guilty while they are out, while 37% feel relaxed, and 13% even feel victorious in managing to take a night off!

-- The service moms most like to receive to escape from the daily routine is a massage (47%) followed by a mani-pedi (38%)

-- The celebrity guy moms would most like to accompany them and their girlfriends on a night out? Top two picks: Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds.

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