Did you know that Beyoncé was inspired by the Spice Girls?

On the Wednesday (May 5) episode of the Breaking Beauty podcast, Victoria Beckham revealed that Queen Bey once told her that she was inspired by the iconic girl group.

"I met Beyoncé a few years ago, and she actually said to me, 'It was the Spice Girls that inspired me and made me want to do what I do and made me proud to be a girl and proud to be who I am,'" the British fashion designer shared.

"And when someone like Beyoncé, who is so iconic and was such a strong woman, says that she was inspired by the Spice Girls, I think that's quite something," Beckham concluded.

Spice Girl Mel C previously sang Bey's praises and included her in a dream festival lineup for The Guardian.

"Beyoncé – she smashed Glastonbury and, like Freddie [Mercury], is so phenomenal physically and vocally that she might be superhuman, or half-robot. I met her when she was in Destiny’s Child and she said she was a Spice fan, which I always remember when I watch her."

In 1994 the Spice Girls debuted with their first single "Wannabe." Meanwhile, Destiny's Child was first formed as "Girl's Tyme" in 1990 when Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett were just children. The group was signed to Columbia Records in 1997 and rebranded as Destiny's Child. In 2000, Michelle Williams replaced Roberson and Luckett. Both the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child received enormous success as girl groups.

In 2000, the Spice Girls broke up. The women have since reunited for limited tours and for the 2012 Olympics, which included all five members.

In 2005, Destiny's Child went on hiatus but have since reunited for special performances, such as the 2013 Super Bowl and 2018 Coachella.

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