The new iPhones were unveiled this week and there's a way you can get one of them for free!

Of course there's a catch...

The original deal was only offered by Verizon.When you trade in your old iPhone (model 4 and up) AND sign a new 2-year contract, you get a brand new 16 GB iPhone 6 totally free.


The iPhone 6 is the smaller of the two new models, and while 16 GB seems like a lot, the operating system takes up a lot of it, and you might wind up with limited space on your phone for apps, pictures, etc.

However, from what I understand in this Verizon deal, you actually get a $200 gift card in exchange for the old phone, so you could probably just apply that to an iPhone 6 with larger memory capacity (or an iPhone 6 Plus) and still wind up getting a new mini-computer phone for a relatively cheap price.

Of course other carriers and retailers like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy immediately swooped in with their own deals, all of which you can read about HERE.

Basically, if you already have an iPhone and want to get a new one, you shouldn't wind up paying full price anywhere if you're willing to get rid of the one you have. (Besides, the old one is just gonna sit there collecting dust anyway!)

All iPhone 6 pre-orders start Friday, September 12th at 3:01 a.m. (which is really frickin' annoying for us...where's the East Coast love??), and the iPhones will be available on September 19.