This program continues to gain steam every season, and I couldn't be happier. It's 'Holiday Mail for Heroes' through the American Red Cross, and it's the best way to send seasons greetings to the brave men and women serving in the armed forces. 

Some of these brave folks from New Jersey won't be home for the holidays. The least we can do is send them a greeting.

We've got to move fast on this though, because the deadline to submit cards is November 30, 2017!

Before mailing your cards in, please follow these guidelines:

  • Address your cards to “service member” or “veteran.”
  • Write a positive message or greeting.
  • Avoid cards containing glitter.
  • Do not enclose any items with your holiday cards. Any items enclosed will be removed.
  • Include your name and generic information about where you’re from, but do not include additional personal information such as email, phone number or specific address.
  • Do not put cards in individual envelopes, as they cannot be accepted.

There are two ways to get your Christmas cards to our NJ troops.

You can drop them off at your local chapter of the American Red Cross. Find the one closest to you by clicking here.

Or, you can mail them to:

American Red Cross House
Holiday Mail for Heroes
6051 Doughboy Loop
JB MDL, NJ 08640

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