So everyone loves a good selfie...but while snapping a picture of yourself seems simple enough, there are a few things you can do take that pic from mediocre to post-worthy.

Notice all the things that make this a bad selfie! Terrible lighting, bad angle, fuzzy camera, looking at the screen, crap in the good! (Laurie Cataldo)


Good lighting is key for ANY photo, and is just as important in a selfie. Harsh, direct light will wash you out and cause horrific shadows. Not enough light, and you won't be able to SEE yourself. Natural sunlight is best, and if you can, face the sun, while standing in shade. (It prevents the whole 'squinting while being blinded' thing.

Don't use the 'selfie' camera

Yes, most of us are taking selfies with our phones, and yes, most of them have front-facing cameras so you can see the photo before you snap it.

However, the front-facing cameras are rarely, if ever, as good as the ones on the back of the phone. It doesn't matter if you look great in the picture if it comes out all fuzzy. While we're on the subject...look at the camera lens, not the screen!


So obviously if you're taking a selfie, you need to extend your arm out to take the picture...but selfie-arm is SO 2010. Almost every smartphone camera these days will snap a picture if you hit the phone's volume buttons while in camera mode.

Even better, if you have an iPhone, you can use the volume button on your headphones to snap the picture, so you can place the phone further away than just arm's length.

There's nothing worse than someone posting a selfie with their dirty underwear, half-naked Grandpa, or week's worth of garbage in the background. It's not only distracting, but tends to garner one reaction: 'Ew, really?'

Take a second to scope out your surroundings, make sure it's appropriate, and try to find a neutral background that will leave all the focus squarely on you!


Alright, we all know that the duck face looks ridiculous, and regardless of what Tyra Banks says, smizing (smiling with your eyes) doesn't make you look like you're sexy, or secretly happy, or whatever. It makes you look like you have crazy eyes and an attitude problem.

Making silly faces (totally encouraged) is one thing, trying to do the 'cranky supermodel pout' is another.


Listen, we all know one of the best ways to look skinny, young, and fabulous is to take a picture from the right angle. That said, if you hold the camera three feet above your head, like you're sacrificing yourself to the heavens, it's very obvious what you are trying to do.

Everything in moderation...

Take multiples

Everything in moderation except for the number of pictures you take. One might come out blurry...your eyes might be half-closed in another...take a bunch at the same time, and you're more likely to get that one perfect shot.

Be confident and have FUN!

They are selfies, not rocket science. Be confident in yourself, and just have fun with it. It's only a picture, don't take yourself so seriously!

So now you know how to take a good selfie...think you can take it from good to LEGENDARY?

We're giving you the chance to see John Legend's sold-out May 26th (yes, it was rescheduled) show in Red Bank from a couch on the stage, with meet and greet passes! All you have to do is take a 'Legendary Selfie!' It can be romantic, funny, are just downright cool. (For example, someone sent in a badass selfie she took while skydiving...)

Instagram it using #Legendaryselfie or e-mail it to (include contact info like your name and phone number or e-mail address). We'll pick our faves to go up for an online vote, and whoever gets the most votes gets the tickets. Pretty sweet.