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So many times a friend or neighbor goes into the military and we don't get to find out what they're doing, especially if they're overseas. So it's wonderful that the Navy is happy to help us celebrate some of our local heroes. Today we want to shine a little light on Matthew Gurrera from Howell.
Builder 3rd Class Matthew Gurrera is assigned to the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3’s Detail in Tinian, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Here, Matthew is cutting wood for building amenities for an expeditionary-style camp. The construction battalion that he is assigned to is deployed across the Indo-Pacific region. Their duty is to conduct high-quality construction to support U.S. and partner nations to strengthen partnerships, deter aggression, and enable expeditionary logistics and naval power projection.

The battalion stands ready to complete assigned tasking, support Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief and Major Combat Operations throughout the area of operations.

To Matthew, and everyone else serving our nation, we thank you for your service!

In case you didn't know, the Navy is on social media -- they have a Community Outreach Facebook page. CLICK HERE to see some great stories about those serving our country!

Twitter: @NavyOutreach

Instagram: @US_Navy_Outreach

The Navy Office of Community Outreach travels the globe to collect Sailors stories, so we thank them for sharing with us what Matthew is up to and look forward to more stories about sailors in our area!

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