Ready to do the Time Warp again?

New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival announced one of the biggest reunions in the horror world.

The cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show will be reuniting at the Showboat in Atlantic City on the weekend of Sept. 16, 17, and 18.

Appearing at the horror convention:

Barry Bostwick, who played “Brad Majors”

Patricia Quinn, who played “Magenta”

Nell Campbell, a.k.a Little Nell, who played “Columbia”

The only one missing is the legendary Tim Curry who played “Dr. Frank-N-Furter” who suffered a stroke in 2012.

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Although he does make appearances, it’s not as often as we would all like it to be. We’ll just have to wait for the movie's 50th anniversary (hint, hint, NJ Horror Con).

The other main cast member missing is Susan Sarandon, who played “Janet Weiss,” but it doesn’t seem like she attends conventions, yet!

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The loss of Meatloaf, who played “Eddie,” is heartbreaking and would have fit so well with the group’s reunion.

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This particular NJ Horror Con show is turning out to be a big one.

Other big guests that have been recently announced are the Catman himself, Peter Criss, the legendary co-founder and original drummer of KISS.

Tom Savini is one of the greatest special effects and makeup artists in the film industry working on projects like the original “Friday the 13th,” “Dawn of the Dead,” and “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

Actor Eric Roberts, yes, Julia Robert’s brother, is known for his role in “Runaway Train,” “The Dark Knight,” and “Best Of The Best.”

You can see the rest of the setlist HERE and it doesn’t look like they are done announcing guests.

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