Well we had to know this was coming.

Jimmy Fallon's hilarious videos luckily haven't stopped just because he's now hosting The Tonight Show instead of Late Night! His latest covers one of the most talked about songs of the moment!

Broadway star Idina Menzel (a.k.a. Adele Dazim, according to John Travolta) was a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and the two joined house band The Roots to cover her Oscar-winning tune from Frozen 'Let It Go.'

And they performed it using classroom instruments.

Much like the Mariah Carey, Robin Thicke, and other classroom-style music videos Jimmy Fallon has created, the best part of this one is how much fun they all have with it.

Idina Menzel is clearly enjoying herself, and I especially love that Jimmy borrowed the blocks he's using from his daughter, Winnie. (Bonus: The L-I-G is for Let It Go. Adorbs.)

It's the song that every kid (and parent) is singing non-stop...at least this is a new version!

What do you think of the classroom version of 'Let It Go?' Tell us in the comment section below!

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