First off, I hope you're feeling well as you read this. As we all know, health has become a top priority for many of us over the past two years.

As many companies had to figure out how to go virtual with their businesses, many of us had to figure out how to do our jobs from home. Fast forward to today, and working from home for some of us has become more of a rule rather than an exception.

But for what was supposed to make the work-life balance easier, has actually made it harder in some ways. One of those ways is giving ourselves the necessary time to rest when we're feeling ill.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for New Jersey. Even before the pandemic hit, many of us would still go to work when we weren't feeling well.

The difference between now and then is this. And this primarily applies to those who can now work virtually.


Instead of having your supervisor send you home because you're not feeling well, we now feel the need to keep working since we're not in contact with anyone if we're working from a computer screen at home.


But even though you can work from home, should you when you're sick? I say no. And I see this all too often where we continue to sacrifice our health in the name of our jobs.


I've spoken about this topic before of how we need to have a change in how we approach work. I argued that we should move from a five-day to a four-day work schedule to allow us more time for the things that truly matter.

But even with a shorter workweek, it's still just as important to take care of yourself when you're sick. Here are just a couple of reasons why someone might not take time off for themselves and rest.

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It's sad that this has to be an issue. If your employer won't allow you any type of sick pay, then perhaps you'd be better off elsewhere. I would even take it a step further and say part-time employees should also get as least some sort of compensation when they're sick.

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Job Security

This one is also a sad reality for many. If you feel you're going to lose your job because you're sick, then you deserve a better employer.

Yes, some people take advantage, but those people are few and far between. Not only that, but patterns do develop with employees like that. So as long as you don't fall into that category, you should never feel like you have to make a choice between your health or your job.


I know most of us are guilty of working while sick, it's just what it is. But if you are someone that does this, please make sure you know your limits and when to give yourself the care you deserve.

So, what about you? Are you guilty of working while under the weather? Let us know.

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