It's not all about plastic bags when it comes to new laws and regulations in New Jersey for 2020. Here are some that you should know about.

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Filling out your salary history on an application in NJ is a thing of the past. This includes commission or benefits.


An elderly Newark woman named Linda Daniels was using an oxygen tank that ran on electricity. Linda couldn't pay her bill, and the utility company shut off her power. This new law makes it illegal for utilities in NJ to stop service to a customer who relies on life-sustaining equipment.


Beginning February 1, firearm retailers and firing range operators in the Garden State will have access to suicide prevention training.

According to, the law will require the state attorney general to develop an in-person or online suicide prevention course for gun dealers that will include training on how to recognize “signs of suicidal tendencies or characteristics” in people purchasing a firearm. The training will also include “suicide intervention strategies.”

I hope all retailers take these courses. It's so important.


Starting February 1, all opioid prescriptions dispensed in  New Jersey must have a label identifying that the drug is indeed an opioid, and addiction and overdose is a risk.


This year if one has a minor drug offense, like possession of marijuana, for example, they can have these offenses expunged from their records for a $75 fee. This is only if the NJ resident has not been convicted of a crime in the past 10 years.

This law is complicated, and there are others. explains here and gives you a complete rundown.

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