Flashing our headlights is almost a second language in The Garden State.

Have you ever wondered if what you're doing is actually illegal? I did.

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Photo by Julian Klumpers on Unsplash
Photo by Julian Klumpers on Unsplash

I was on the Parkway North over the weekend at night.

I'm generally a right-lane driver that sticks to 70-75 mph. Why?

Well, other than being well over the speed limit, I have the worst luck with getting pulled over by the cops.

I might as well have one of those giant signs that display your speed on my roof.

Oh, I follow all of the best practices. Always stay "in the pack," and never linger in the left lane. Still, I could be going 66 mph and I will be the dope that sees the red and blue lights in the rearview.

Photo by Julian Klumpers on Unsplash
Photo by Julian Klumpers on Unsplash

Back to the Parkway. I'm going about 75 in the right lane and a car starts to crawl up my...tail.

Keep in mind I'm in the right lane. I kept doing my thing hoping the car would pass.

They didn't.

Instead, the high beam flashing started. You never know what kind of people are behind the wheel, so I shifted left and let them fly by.

I was really annoyed the entire trip. You know the feeling. It's not a huge deal, but the rage lingers.

It got me thinking about whether or not flashing one's headlights is illegal or not.

Woman Driving at Night

Remember, it's not always an annoyance. Many times it's a courteous way to communicate.

I've always used my lights to let another driver know it's alright to pull in front of me in a parking lot.

Some people even do a quick flash to let others know they are turning a difficult corner.

Is it illegal to flash your headlights at another driver in New Jersey?

Believe it or not, flashing headlights is considered a First Amendment right.

According to The First Amendment Encyclopedia:

In 1999, a New Jersey appellate court held that the act of flashing one’s headlights as a warning is a free speech right protected by the First Amendment.

I told you headlight flashing was another language.

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