Do you think Governor Christie is appearing on TV too much lately?

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

After recent appearances on David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon, a cameo on Saturday Night Live several months ago, plus an upcoming spot on the new Michael J. Fox sitcom planned for this fall, his Democratic gubernatorial opponent Barbara Buono says Christie is more interested in getting national attention than he is running the Garden State.

But the Governor strongly disagrees.

Christie points out when he became Governor people associated Jersey with politicians being arrested for corruption, the Sopranos, the real housewives of New Jersey, "and God forbid, the kids from the Jersey Shore - it created an image of the state that was both different than what I knew the reality was, and bad for our state."

He says when he appears on TV, it generates positive publicity, which is good.

"And besides, when you're in a political race your opponents will disagree with anything you do. I'm sure my opponent doesn't like it that I wake up in the morning and go to work every day, you know?"

When a reporter asked the Governor about a comment Buono made, that if Christie doesn't agree to debate Buono during the fall it will indicate he's a coward, he shot back.

"Barbara Buono's worst days of the campaign will be the days I debate her, I can assure you of that."