Lately, I've been on a kick of looking into everyday things that we do in The Garden State that may actually be illegal.

Are you breaking the law without even knowing about it?

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Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Have you ever gotten it on in a car? We got pretty personal fast, huh?

You don't need to answer that.

I looked into whether or not it's illegal to "do the deed" while in a car while in New Jersey.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Let's say you're doing a late afternoon or evening shopping run at the grocery store and hunger sets in.

You were planning on picking up a bag of chips, so you open up the Lays and start to snack.

Have you ever wondered if eating something from a grocery store before paying for it is illegal? It's not as simple as you may think.

Drunk Driver being pulled over by police cops

Getting pulled over is never fun, especially when it's at night.

I can speak from first-hand experience because I got nailed last night while driving home from the radio station.

I did everything I should. I put my windows down and kept my hands on the wheel waiting for the officer to approach.

The officer shined his light inside that car as soon as he got to me. He asked for license registration and insurance. At that point, I went into my glove box and wallet to get everything I needed.

We went through the whole "do you know why I pulled you over" routine.

I'm always honest in these situations. I find the results tend to be better if you just fess up.

Doug Menuez

I told the officer I was speeding. He confirmed my suspicion and told me he got me going 15 over the speed limit. Sounded about right. The officer said he would be right back.

When he walked away it got really dark and it was then that I realized that I never put my dome lights on. The officer was over to my vehicle so quickly that it didn't really pop into my head.

The officer came back with a summons for speeding. He then asked me to put my dome lights on. I complied. I took my ticket and was on my way.


As I was driving home, I wondered why he asked me to put my dome lights on after he asked me to go into the glovebox.

So, I did a little digging and it turns out that you can be fined for not putting your dome lights on during a traffic stop.

<strong>39:4-57.1. Activation of interior light in vehicle upon request of police officer; fine</strong><br />1.The driver of a motor vehicle equipped with an interior light, when stopped by a law enforcement officer during the period when lighted lamps are required, shall, upon request of the officer, activate an interior light of the vehicle in order to illuminate the driver's compartment of the vehicle. A fine of $50 shall be imposed upon any person who purposely refuses to comply with this section.

To all of those rebels that like to not do what an officer tells you to do, it is illegal to not put your interior lights on upon request of a police officer.

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