The other week I wrote about Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs and everyone was writing me about their memories at this spot in Toms River on the way to Seaside.

So many of you wrote to me personally and told me how awesome Joe Joe's used to be and the love of this place was just really neat. I loved hearing all of your stories. I loved Alice from north Jersey. She would bring her Grandma every Sunday for one of their hot dogs. They would never go anywhere else, just Joe Joe's. Thanks, Alice for sharing your memories with your Grandma. I love that.

timoune aracama,
timoune aracama,

I was asking if Joe Joe's was closed. I'd see cars in the parking lot with the open sign-on. But, so many of you let me know they're definitely closed. They've been closed for a while or at least before the pandemic.

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Also, several of you were telling me the history of Joe Joe's. The food changed several years ago, it used to be so much better. Every time I went to Joe Joe's I loved it. I always thought their cheesesteaks were delicious. I always got the California Cheese Steak.

Also on the Toms River Neighborhood Facebook page, it was mentioned that there is a for rent sign or for lease sign in the window.

Sad, I hate when businesses close down. Especially really good ones. I'm wondering when the food changed, did the owners change? Thank you so much for letting me know all about Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs. I wish I would've known about it in its great days because I think it would be the perfect spot to stop on the way to Seaside Heights.

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