Nothing against Red Lobster, but really, in Asbury Park?

With so many amazing dining options in Asbury, why would anyone consider a seafood chain?

They're not.

If you've heard this rumor like I did it's probably because of a Facebook page called 'Asbury Park Needs a Red Lobster.' The purpose of the page?

The Asbury Park boardwalk is in dire need of a Red Lobster® as a dining option please join this page to show Darden Restaurants they should bring one to AP.

Dig deeper and you'll find location ideas.

How about at Convention Hall?

Some are taking this plea very seriously. Take this comment on the Asbury Park Needs a Red Lobster page:

Anyone who thinks that a shore town needs a mediocre chain restaurant that serves processed seafood should move away from the shore to a town that caters to their tastes.

Listen, I'm as big a fan of cheddar biscuits than the next guy, but not on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. I think this page is hilarious.

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