The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is expanding its "Skip the Trip" drivers license renew-by-mail program to include drivers of all ages.

NJ Driver's License (NJ DMV)
NJ Driver's License (NJ DMV)

In the next few days, 140,000 state residents, who are due to renew their licenses in October, will get invitations in the mail to participate in the program. But is it safe?

"A team of security investigation experts has gone through the MVC database to make sure this program is in good shape. We initiated facial scrub to ensure that everybody in our database is in fact who they say they are, and that they only have one record, per individual in our database," says MVC Chief Administrator Ray Martinez.

He points out the MVC has not only weeded out fraudsters from the main database, but the current license that's been created "is one of the most difficult driver license documents in the country to tamper with - it becomes easily identifiable if it's tampered with."

Martinez adds some people may not feel it's safe to do this by mail, but everyone needs to remember "the license that is mailed back within 10 business days has the photo of the customer themselves, so it's of limited value, limited use, to anyone who tries to intercede in that process."

He says to get more information about the program, "we invite all of the public to visit us at for more information on this."

Martinez adds whether they participate in the mail renewal or not, drivers will still be required to bring in six points of identification every eight years to prove they are who they say they are.

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