I haven't heard a thing about this since the meeting months ago. Do you know anything new on Amazon coming to this location in Ocean County?

There were so many Facebook comments on this when we first heard about this. All the negatives and some positives with Amazon coming to the Berkeley Township.

If an Amazon warehouse and distribution center was to come to Berkeley Township so many different organizations and people would have to sign off on it. And, that's a clean-up site, which means in order to build on there, it has to be cleaned up from underneath. And that raises another question, are we as Berkeley Township residents paying for that?

Remember the letter that was public on the Pine Beach Borough's page and Berkeley Township's website. There was a meeting... In the public meeting notice, it states that there has been an amendment to the original "Town Center Redevelopment Plan."

I do know one thing. Driving from Bayville to Toms River, I pass Pine Beach and Beachwood, it looks horrible and we need something to look nice as we drive by. Wouldn't we all like to drive by the old Beachwood Plaza in Berkeley Township and see something nice? It was supposed to be a retail hub with a restaurant or two, but since the big box stores are disappearing because of online buying and Covid-19, it looks like the township opened it up to warehouses and distribution sites on that land, also.

If Amazon or another warehouse would come to Berkeley it could bring jobs to the area and it will clean it up. Imagine driving by and seeing nice landscaping and more lighting along Rt. 9. I know friends who wouldn't even buy in this area because they would have to drive through the area of Beachwood and Pine Beach. I love both of these towns including Bayville and for it to look like that, it just brings us all down including house prices. The traffic is horrendous through that area most of the day and weekends, but if there was a way of bringing the traffic in another way or from the back of that property, that might help. Hopefully, there will be some ideas thrown out.

Have you heard any more about this? Are the plans for the Amazon warehouse still happening?

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