The website, put out their list of the most terrifying roads in New Jersey.  Right at the top is a South Jersey road that most of us travel on pretty regularly.

First, one of the runners-up.  The New Jersey Turnpike can be scary enough for those unaccustomed to frenetic pace of the drivers.  However, it takes special skills to navigate the area known as Spaghetti Junction.

The area around the Woodbridge exit on the New Jersey Turnpike may be the most confusing area of roads in our state.  This is where the Turnpike meets 287, route 9, the Parkway, and route 440.

Corbis via Getty Images
Corbis via Getty Images

I can only imagine the conversation between engineers when they were planning this massive tangle of roads.  There are a million signs, and no room for error.  You make a mistake, and you can spend an hour trying to figure out how to get back on track.  Add the high speed of cars and trucks zooming by, and this can be an intimidating area.

At the top of their list is a common route people from central Jersey take to get to the shore, more specifically Long Beach Island.  That is route 539.  It's an interesting route because it can be quite pretty during the warmer seasons.  However, it can be scary for several reasons.

A good portion of the road is two lanes and the dotted yellow passing lines rotate between the lanes.  When you've got people rushing at a high rate of speed trying to pass on that road, it can be a scary thing.  I nearly had a head-on collision just the other day.  It can be like playing a game of chicken.

Aside from crazy drivers, there are times when the deer come out of nowhere.  Traveling this road at night just elevates the fear factor.  I'm telling you, if the NJ Devil exists, it probably lives off of 539 in the woods.

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