Driving in the snow is just the worst.

I chose a career where no matter what, I have to drive in the snow to get to work. We can't take a day off because of bad weather, we have to get to the radio station and give information about the storm. I know firsthand, how hard it is to drive on some Ocean County roads and streets in a snow storm. Thank goodness there's 92.7 WOBM Traffic that will help you get through the snow and which roads to avoid, yes-yes I know shameless plug.

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There are roads in Ocean County that you and I both know to avoid all together when there is bad weather. Here at the Jersey Shore, we have to worry about flooding, icing, and of course the snow. This weekend, with six-plus inches of snow coming our way, I can only imagine what our roadways will look like.

Now, I will say, most of the time when I have to drive into work in a snowstorm, I see plows out on our roads bright and early trying to clear the roads for the morning commute so I can't thank them enough. Those are mainly the main roads I travel on, the side streets always need some help.

On social media, I asked the question, the worst road in the snow in Ocean County and New Jersey. The road that is the worst in the snow, according to you, is the Garden State Parkway. Rt. 9 through Lakewood came in a close second. The Garden State Parkway got the most response of any road or street in New Jersey, especially when it's snow-covered.


Snow, snow, and more snow...


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