Do you have Text Neck? Our handheld devices are very convenient, even addicting at times, but it might be costing you your health.

Text Neck describes your posture with your head hanging forward, rounded shoulders and slumped back. This very real, global epidemic may lead to serious aches and pains in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The average human head weights approximately 10 pounds, which is slumped looking down at a phone for an average of 5 hours a day. Ouch! There are treatments available to help relieve some of the discomfort. Yoga style stretches such as the Exaggerated Nod, Downward-Facing Dog, Cat-Cow, and Bow Pose may help with some of the achiness and muscle strain. Other suggestions include holding your phone at eye level and taking periodic breaks every hour. There is even a Text Neck App. Are you surprised?

For additional information, click here. If you experience prolonged pain, you may want to ask your doctor about chiropractic care. If you are reading this from your phone, now is the time to take a break.

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