With this year's holiday shopping season shorter than it's been since 2013, 52% of employees say they'll be shopping online from the office or using a corporate device.

Christina Giglio, the Central Jersey regional manager at the staffing firm Robert Half, which conducted the survey, said more than half of employees surveyed admitted they will be shopping online while on the clock, sometimes spending between 30 and 60 minutes a week buying gifts for friends and family.

But is this proper work etiquette? Giglio said 52% of tech leaders would prefer employees not to shop online during work hours or to visit non-work related sites, especially on a company's device. Ultimately, 67% of the workforce do allow access. But what they're looking to do is monitor for any excessive use because productivity levels could be impacted.

If it's OK with boss to do some online shopping at work, Giglio said it's still important to keep productivity up during this holiday shopping season. So, be considerate of the time being spent on non-work related tasks.

Managers should also exemplify the standards that they want their employees to follow. Think of the "do as I do not as I say" thought process.

The survey also found that 59% of technology leaders are more concerned with security risks and not necessarily concerned with productivity. If anyone is doing online shopping at work, that person could potentially be visiting an unsecure website, which could lead to online threats to either the company's data or that worker's own personal data.

"So please review the address bar of the sites that you're going on and make sure that lock icon is displayed," said Giglio.

She also suggested that companies need to have the latest software and should implement the best practices to make sure they are not going to be vulnerable to any security breaches.

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