Well, happy National Cocktail Day to one and to all!  Today is the day you should sip and tip. Head to your local rooftop bar and try something different to celebrate this oh-so-important holiday!

We were sharing our favorite cocktails on the morning show and Lou went for a straight-up bourbon with his cigar, Producer Jimmy G is all about a screwball peanut butter whiskey (that’s a sipper and not a chugger), and other than wine, my tried and true go-to cocktail is very Carrie Bradshaw…I’m ordering a Titos Cosmo.

Matt Ryan recently did a post on the most sought-after beach bars in Monmouth County and you can read about that here.  If you are as picky about your place as you are about your drink you’ve gotta experience these spots!

Also, In honor of National Cocktail Day I thought I would find out why we do the whole "cheers" thing.  One of the most interesting reasons for the tradition is warding off evil.  Apparently, in Medieval times, glasses were clinked to ward off any demons or evil energy.  The idea was to slam your glasses together hard enough to make some spill out on the floor for the evil spirits in hopes it would give them a taste and keep em' happy so they don't torment you.

In Germany their tradition is slightly different, they bang their beer mugs on the table and yell loudly to scare away ghosts or evil spirits. This will be a cool fun fact for your next cocktail party.

So what is Jersey drinking and where are they doing it?

Apparently, a study was just done at Staker where they name each state's most beloved drink.  What they picked for New Jersey was crazy in my opinion...our official state drink is the Jagerbomb?!?!?  I just can't see it.

By the way, let's not discount the power of a propper bloody marry!  To get one of those you gotta hit up one of the best brunch spots in Jersey!

The Top Brunch Joints At The Jersey Shore!

They may not have bottomless...but their food is top notc

Here are the best beers from every state...is yours on here?

LOOK: Best Beers From Every State

To find the best beer in each state and Washington D.C., Stacker analyzed January 2020 data from BeerAdvocate, a website that gathers user scores for beer in real-time. BeerAdvocate makes its determinations by compiling consumer ratings for all 50 states and Washington D.C. and applying a weighted rank to each. The weighted rank pulls the beer toward the list's average based on the number of ratings it has and aims to allow lesser-known beers to increase in rank. Only beers with at least 10 rankings to be considered; we took it a step further to only include beers with at least 100 user rankings in our gallery. Keep reading to find out what the best beer is in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.


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