Do you think the creators of this new ban are full of hot air?

Tinton Falls has banned the intentional release of balloons containing 'lighter-than-air' gas, such as helium.

This restriction is a growing trend across the country, and here at the Jersey Shore. Intentional balloon releasing has already been banned in Bradley Beach, and Asbury Park will decide with a vote on September 26.

The seemingly harmless act of releasing balloons can actually negatively affect the environment. Once deflated, wildlife will sometimes accidentally eat the balloons. Another issue Tinton Falls brought up was with the high tension lines that run through the town. Balloons can damage electrical lines.

Councilman Brock Siebert told the APP that:

we're not going after the child who accidentally lets a balloon go. We're looking to reduce waste. If you're having a party with balloons, make sure you pop them and throw them out.

The release of multiple balloons will now be considered a single offense in Tinton Falls.

[source: APP]

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