Well it finally happened...I've been pranked. Every year my kids know that April Fool's Day is a time they need to be on their toes because I am the biggest prankster. From waking them up telling them there is a foot of snow on the ground, to covering the toilet in saran wrap, there is not much territory that I haven't covered in regards to child friendly pranks. This year my youngest got me...GOT ME GOOD!!!

I was already awake when he got up for school this morning. I heard him run out of the house at the very last minute, so when my phone received a text I had a feeling I knew what that meant. I usually receive a text at least once a week saying he missed the bus, so it came as no surprise when I got this text...so annoying until...

April Fools Nico
Jasmine Rodriguez - Townsquare Media

This time was a joke!!! He totally got me!!! Well played son, well played!!!

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