Isn't it usually family members suing the lottery winner, or even friends, because they somehow feel they're entitled to the lotto winnings?

Well, that's not the case here at all, especially since a non-disclosure agreement is in play. Are you ready for this crazy, feels like a Hollywood movie? Here we go.

According to New England Cable News, a lotto winner from the very tiny town of Lebanon, Maine, who won $1.35 BILLION, wanted to remain anonymous, and that included pretty much his entire family. Lebanon is about an hour and a half northwest of Boston on the New Hampshire-Maine border.

According to New England Cable News, the mystery man, who is still anonymous even from lottery officials, won this history-making billion-dollar Mega Millions jackpot earlier this year after buying the lottery ticket at a gas station. Maine is one of 18 states where you can remain anonymous.

Mega Millions Facebook
Mega Millions Facebook

According to People, his daughter's mother allegedly signed an NDA that required her to keep his winnings a secret from everyone until June 2032. That's when his daughter turns 18. The lawsuit claims she violated her NDA by “directly or indirectly disclosing protected subject matter” about his winnings to several family members.

The Maine winner, according to People, wants to know everyone who now knows about his windfall as well as compensatory damages of at least $100,000 due to suffering irreparable injury as well as being put in immediate and imminent danger.

More court dates are scheduled for December, however, at the time of writing this, the defendant hasn't responded according to New England Cable News. She lives in Massachusetts.

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