One little boy at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., took the concept of the Jedi Force push a little too literally when he shoved a Stormtrooper at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park.

The moment went viral on TikTok, where footage of an anonymous and seemingly unattended child going up to an unassuming Star Wars Stormtrooper and nearly pushing him off balance has been viewed over 2.1 million times as of publishing.

The video shows the little boy first approaching the Stormtrooper from the back as he appears to try to swipe the character's blaster from its holster.

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When the Stormtrooper turns around, the little boy leans back before launching at the character, pushing him in the abdomen as his pre-recorded audio ironically states, "The Resistance scum don't know when to give up."

A Cast Member quickly approaches to usher the child away and diffuse the situation, asking, "Is this anybody's...?"

A guest off-camera laughs and finishes the sentiment, "Is this anybody's child?," as a second Stormtrooper shakes their head.

Watch below:

In the comments section, some viewers laughed at the absurdity of the situation while others blamed the child's parents and family for not keeping a closer eye on the little boy.

"This is what happens when you raise kids on gentle parenting, unlimited screen time, and never saying no," one viewer wrote.

"'ThIs Is GeNtLe PaReNtInG' says a bunch of people who obviously have no idea what gentle parenting is," another commented.

"The trooper on the left... 'he ain't mine,'" someone else joked.

"'Is this anybody’s...' has me in teaaaars," another commented.

But this is hardly the first time an unattended child has wreaked a little havoc at the "Most Magical Place on Earth."

In 2023, a child wandered into a parade at Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios, tripping Woody from Toy Story in the process.

The little boy ran into Woody's legs before bouncing back and hitting the ground, while the character tumbled but was able to catch themself.

A character attendant and another Cast Member quickly helped the child to his feet while Woody gave a thumbs-up and proceeded, carefully, back through the parade.

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