This year's Hanteo Music Awards was made extra memorable after an attendee allegedly couldn't control their bowel movement in the crowd.

According to viral posts on social media, a fan reportedly pooped their pants in the middle of the show at the annual K-pop music awards event.

Photos and videos of K-pop idols who attended the show looking horrified and seemingly gagging went viral after the incident, as many fans allege that the smell infiltrated the entire venue as the show descended into complete chaos.

In a screenshot of a tweet from the alleged pooper, they offered to pay for laundry services for anyone who was in the vicinity of the accident.

"I realized that many people had a hard time because of me. [I] apologize for any inconvenience caused to many people. I will reflect on what happened today... Sorry again..." the translated apology said.

"If you have my stool on your clothes, please contact me via message. I will send you the laundry fee," they added.

Several screenshots from videos from the event appear to show K-pop idols covering their mouths and noses, reportedly in response to "the stench" in the venue.

Some TikTok users even added coughing sounds to video clips of idols appearing disgusted and concerned during the awards show.

In a thread on Twitter, one fan detailed all of the chaotic happenings at the awards show, including fans allegedly physically fighting each other; K-pop groups Aespa and Ateez calling for security to break up pushing and shoving; and the infamous, mysterious poop incident.

The thread also notes that some fans believe the defecation was premeditated because the alleged pooper had tweeted about it a few days before the show.

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Fans discussed the incident further on Reddit.

"I mean, it can happen, it's human, it was just a very unfortunate situation. The thought of pooping your pants sounds embarrassing enough already, let alone in front of your favorite idols. I feel bad for the fan honestly," one person posted.

"You could not waterboard that confession out of me. Oh my god why would they do that to themselves?" someone else commented.

"A s--tty situation for all involved it seems. Poor fan probably feels like crap. Edit: Sounds like regular trips to the toilet was number two on their priority list when attending," another person joked.

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