Anything under the sun can become a TikTok trend, including a massive revelation for Hobby Lobby shoppers everywhere.

The new viral trend on the short-form video platform is finding price inconsistencies at the retail giant. TikToker @Brandy.English went to her local store to confirm that this trend wasn't just clickbait.

She began by sharing with her followers that “Hobby Lobby’s prices are not consistent and that one item may cost different prices.”

So she went to the wood section where dollhouse items were hung on display. She discovered a doll door that was priced at $10.99 while the exact same item behind it was posted at $9.99.

Similarly, wooden steps were marked at $14.99 while another was priced at $8.49. She questioned, "Like what even?" before discovering that doorknobs were both $2.49 and $4.49, roughly a 57% increase in price.

“@Hobby Lobby, you have some explaining to do," she captioned the post.


In the comments section, some people offered up their own takes on the major price differences, including some apparent former Hobby Lobby employees.

One past worker claimed, "If they change the prices of an item, we don’t take the old ones off the shelves. We have no online inventory, we type all the prices, so whatever is on the item."

Another noted that the company does not utilize barcodes as typical stores use. "The only way to raise the prices on products is for the new ones to be priced higher."

"They just don’t have a computer system that adjusts for inflation, so stuff comes in from the warehouse with the new price and sometimes the older stuff hasn’t sold yet," one user added.

Another claimed that it is just "new and old stock that never got rotated."

According to the company's official website, they state that they "do not guarantee that a price, product, or promotion offered through the Site will be available or honored at a Hobby Lobby Store or vice versa."

Other TikTokers have posted their own finds at Hobby Lobby to the platform to compare with one another. See more different prices, below.

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