Tom Hanks has officially joined TikTok!

Hanks posted his first-ever TikTok Jan. 14, using the moment to highlight one of his favorite scene partners: a cat named Smeagol — which rhymes with bagel, in case you were wondering.

In the 40-second video clip, a very excited Hanks plugs his new film, A Man Called Otto, pitching a second title for the flick in the process.

"I think it should be called 'a cat called Smeagol,'" Hanks jokes, adding, "These are some of my favorite scenes of working with a cat called Smeagol."

Sure, Hanks has shared the silver screen with some of Hollywood's leading stars during his longtime career, but none have been as adorable as this fluffy tabby cat.

Watch below:

In the film, Hanks plays Otto Anderson, a man who has become cranky, disgruntled and hopeless following the death of his beloved wife. The widower eventually finds new purpose in life thanks to a cuddly stray cat that wanders into his life, even if Otto is resistant at first.

According to The New York Times, the film amassed roughly $12 million on its opening weekend thanks to a unique release strategy targeting a specific audience base.

While most major films are released to target East and West Coast audiences, A Man Called Otto has found success with viewers from "heartland" cities such as Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver and Salt Lake City.

A Man Called Otto is out now in theaters.

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