As Bruce Springsteen sang in “Jack Of All Trades,” it’s all happened before and it’ll happen again.

It isn’t the first time the most amazing New York City food establishments of a certain category wound up being named as a place across the river in New Jersey.

New York Times critic Peter Wells set out to find the best pizza in NYC and he found it. In New Jersey.

Razza in Jersey City was only making their artisan pizza for five years when he named it New York City’s best. That had to leave a mark.

History has repeated itself.

SEE ALSO: Another NJ restaurant banning kids made it a mission to find the best NYC hot dog joints. Their list of 30 stand-out hot dog places includes three from the Garden State. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice?

Their 30 don’t seem to be particularly ranked (hmmm, is that because we would have been No. 1?) but the first one to appear on their “NYC” list that’s actually in New Jersey is Hiram’s in Fort Lee. Time for some hot dog problems in Fort Lee!

I say it IS a problem because they don’t even point out that they’re going out of their city to cherry-pick our beloved dogs. All the listing says is the following:

“Hiram’s in Ft. Lee, New Jersey, is 90 years old, a real roadhouse like out of a movie, with an order counter flanking a dive bar where men sit watching football games and nibbling on franks and disco fries. Those franks, in the northern Jersey-style, are deep-fried until the skin rips, giving it a little crunch. The dogs are sublime, whether eaten with mustard or chili and cheese.”

We. are. not. part. of. NYC.

Then they do it again with Rutt’s Hut in Clifton, NJ. They gush over Rutt’s Hut rippers, and at least this time they do refer to NYC “and its environs.” Say, did you know you were living in their environs?

The final best hot dog from NYC that is actually in New Jersey is Boulevard Drinks, a small Journal Square joint in Jersey City that, other than their non-alcoholic drinks, only serves hot dogs. Theirs are known for the chili-like Greek meat sauce with minced onions.

Feeling a little ripped off Jersey? Even’s Lauren Musni agrees, who writes, “if you’re going to take places out of our beautiful state, put us in the headline.”

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