When picturing the Holiday season, isn’t one of the first images that comes to mind family sitting around the dinner table?

I don’t necessarily mean that it’s a picture perfect image, someone may have brought up a touchy subject and people are rolling their eyes, maybe someone spilled red wine all over the white tablecloth, or maybe the dinner is slightly burned.

What I’m getting at is that even though it may not be completely holly or jolly, you picture other people around during your Christmas celebration. A new study finds that this won't be the case for about 19 million Americans in 2023.


Online-Solitaire.com conducted a survey of 4,000 respondents dwelling in single-person households, aiming to understand the prevalence of solitary Christmases.

Alarmingly, the survey illuminated that a staggering 19 million people are preparing to spend Christmas in solitude this year.

It's not just Kevin McCallister who fears spending Christmas home alone. According to Online Solitaire, one in five people in the Garden State will be spending the holiday by themselves. That’s roughly 356,105 New Jerseyans.

The study revealed that Christmas Day is considered the most challenging day to spend alone, followed by personal birthdays, and a tie between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Sad teen sitting on a couch in christmas time at home

One highlight of the study is the kindness displayed around the Holiday season,

88% of those surveyed who will be with family said they would invite a neighbor known to be alone to join them for Christmas.


One way to cope with spending the holiday alone is by putting on a Christmas classic for you to watch, here are some suggestions if you need:

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