As we headed out to Florida for the Border 911 event, Jodi and I were looking forward to an early arrival for a well-planned trip. As the saying goes, the best-laid plans.

Enter Newark Liberty International Airport. Our flight was originally scheduled for an 11:59 a.m. departure allowing us plenty of time to get to the hotel and change before heading over to Mar-A-Lago.

The problem wasn't so much in the delays, gate changes, and terminal change which had us on a bus across the tarmac going from Terminal A to Terminal C. The problem was more in the lack of communication and the incremental changes.

Newark Liberty Airport (Photo: Associated Press)
Newark Liberty Airport (Photo: Associated Press)

First, the gate changed so you end up schlepping across the terminal, only to find out that the time has also changed. Instead of a changed gate and a new time, the gate changed again, and again we were met with a delayed time.

The incremental changes made it challenging to adjust plans for our arrival, pick-up, and event schedule. The good news is that the staff at the airport and airline worked hard to make sure that we were eventually on a flight. But clearly, something is happening at Newark as I don't hear the same level of disruption at other area airports including Philly, AC, and Trenton.

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What's your best/worst airport experience and which airport is your go-to out of the Garden State?

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